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Treasures of Faith

Bill Gent Host

04/26/22 to 07/22/22

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Jim Curry explores the mystical poetry of Johann Scheffler, a.k.a. Angelus SIlesius, OFM a 17th century convert from Lutheranism, Franciscan priest, poet and physician.


Bill talks with Seminarian Michael Batista about his year at Holy Name of Jesus.


Anjanette Wicks explains the concept and organization of Brevard's first Christian Fun Day.


Fr. Carlos Martins on the Exposition of Sacred Relics ministry.


Timothy Gordon talks about his upcoming book, Don't Go To College.


Adventure Catholic...Allen & Darryl with college student Rachel discuss how to lead your children away from pornography.


Kristen Van Uden of Sofia Institute Press joins Bill Gent to discuss The Antichrist, a book written by (deceased) Fr. Vincent Miceli


Deacon Chris with John Martignoni about his book, Blue Collar Apologetics...How to explain and defend Catholic teaching using common sense, simple logic, and the Bible


Mary Adams & Andrea Groppe relate experiences attending the Relic Exposition. Deacon Bill Terneus shares some medical miracles experienced by his family.


Bill Gent and Fr. Frank Pavone discuss the Supreme Court and pending Roe v Wade decision


The Catholic Nudge with Mike Gisondi and Rob Henry discuss Spiritual Warfare and the Beatitudes


Guest Msgr. Stephen Rossetti discusses his book, Diary of an American Exorcist and his on-line ministry, St. Michael Center for Spiritual Renewal.


Adventure Catholic, Alan Migliorato with daughter Andrea on the topic of Young Adults and the Catholic Church


The Catholic Nudge with Mike Gisondi and Rob Henry on topic of Prayer.


Deacon Chris Meehan interviews Dr. Peter Kwasniewski and his book, The Holy Bread of Eternal Life (Restoring Eucharistic Reverence in an age of Impiety)


Co-Hosts Mike Gisondi & Rob Henry welcome Jen Reneau, youth minister at St. Mary parish, Rockledge


Fr. Jorge Torres, former pastor of Our Lady of Lourdes, Melbourne talks to Bill Gent about his assignment to the National Eucharistic Revival team.


Sr. Alicia Torres F.E, member of the Franciscans of the Eucharist of Chicago  shares how the Eucharist is central to her work of teaching and evangelizing to the poor in Chicago's West Side as well as her role with the National Eucharistic Revival team.


Fr. Wade Menezes talks about his new book, Catholic Essentials


Co-Hosts Mike Gisondi and Rob Henry welcome Pat Koralowicz to discuss the value of retreats


Adventure Catholic...Cecilia and Maddox join their parents, Allen and Darryl for a discussion on questions teens have about the Sacraments.


Fr. Frank Pavone discusses impact of recent Supreme Court Decision along with insights on how that will affect the work of pro-life organizations.


Deacon Chris Meehan with Dr. Jem Sullivan, author of The Beauty of Faith...Using Christian Art to Spread Good News.


Guest, Chuck Lauer shares his journey into the ministry of Spiritual Direction along with insights into the process of spiritual direction and how to best choose one for those seeking one.


Leidy Rivas, Culture of Life Office of Catholic Charities of Central Florida discusses a program called, Walking with Moms in Need, a process through which Catholic parishes and communities "walk in the shoes" of local pregnant and parenting women in need.


Fr. Martin Fitzgerald and Deacon John Farrell discuss important developments for the St. Stephen's Way project to provide housing and support for homeless families in Brevard County.

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Treasures of Faith is a locally produced program of Divine Mercy Radio.  It highlights the Truth, Beauty and Goodness of the Catholic Church as it is lived and experienced in our local community. Bill Gent hosts the program along with Carolyn Dean on Mondays with special features from the Diocese of Palm Beach.

The program airs Monday through Friday live at 11:00 am.